Plum Borough School District

TIPS - Incident Reporting System


NOTE:  The Plum Borough School District’s reporting service is not a 911 or emergency reporting system.  Reports submitted through this service may not receive an immediate response.  If this is an urgent matter, please immediately dial 911.

The Plum Borough School District’s Anonymous Report Site - TIPS (Threat Assessment, Incident Management and Prevention Services) is intended to facilitate, via email or telephone, the reporting of sensitive information to school officials, including information regarding student safety, substance abuse or potential threats to individuals or our facilities.  Remember, this reporting platform is not intended to be, or serve as, an emergency hotline or email.  If you need immediate assistance and/or are reporting an emergency or event that could immediately affect the school community, please call the Plum Borough Police Department at (412)-793-7400 or dial 911.

Furthermore, Allegheny County has a system to receive and respond to reports of possible child abuse and neglect.  If you are worried about the welfare of a child and wish to share your concerns, please contact the Pennsylvania ChildLine and Abuse Registry at (412)-473-2000 or 1-800-932-0313.  The ChildLine accepts and assigns reports of child abuse to county children and youth agencies for investigation.  Please be aware that you can make the call anonymously and do not have to give your name or contact information.  Additionally, if you are experiencing feelings of despair, feeling lonely or overwhelmed with life, or just need to talk to someone, it helps to talk with someone.  The Crisis Network provides round-the-clock, mental health crisis intervention and stabilization services for residents of Allegheny County in Pennsylvania.  The first step to feeling relief starts with picking up the phone and making the call: any day, any time, for any reason.  The Crisis Network operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, please call them any time and speak with a trained counselor at 1-888-7-YOU CAN (1-888-796-8226).

The Plum Borough School District can offer this reporting site anonymously.  All reports are securely transmitted to and stored within our TIPS platform.  Once a report is submitted, via email or telephone, immediate notifications are sent to the appropriate personnel at the district and reports are only viewed by approved personnel and all information will remain confidential.  By utilizing this reporting site, reporters can truly remain anonymous if they choose, so they have nothing to fear in sharing their concerns.  However, if you would like feedback regarding the report you submit or if you would like to be available for questions, you can provide your name and contact information.  Please remember, TIPS does not have to be used to make a report.  You are still welcome and encouraged to speak with any staff or faculty member at school if you have concerns.  TIPS should in no way replace face-to-face communication, but instead help students share information when they are less comfortable with sharing it in person.


TIPS Administrator: Dr. Rick Walsh 

(412)-798-6370 or 

The Plum Borough School District recognizes false accusations can be devastating to an individual and can have long-lasting effects on the entire school community.  Any person who knowingly makes false accusations against another person will be appropriately disciplined.


To begin, please select your school location and incident report type that best fits your concern.